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          Gordon, Cox & Assoc.

          Property Management

          Princess Ebony Tours

          (404) 969-6510
          5456 Peachtree Industrial Blvd.
          Suite 193
          Atlanta, GA 30341


          Audit & Assurance  |  Accounting & Small Business Services  |  Advisory Services  |  Tax Services

          Accounting and Small Business Services


          Small businesses are a vital part of our economy.  Their need for services in the area of accounting records, financial statement preparation, financial planning, capital budgeting and etc. is significant.  We believe that the broad general business experience we possess in the firm qualifies us to provide the valuable services to start-up and young business at this critical time in their existence.  We provide a full range of accounting services including the following:

          • Accounting system consultation
          • Accounting system design and implementation
          • Design and implementation of subsystems - accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and inventory
          • Depreciation and Amortization schedules
          • Design of financial statements and budgetary reports
          • Tax planning for income, sales and property

          Computers play a tremendous role in today's world of accounting and bookkeeping.  We feel it is imperative that small businesses benefit from this technology development.  We assist them with making the right decision as to hardware and software by performing a needs analysis.




          Gordon, Cox and Associates believes that financial statements should yield information about business enterprises that is useful in making economic decisions.  Accordingly, the CAS department provides small to medium size businesses with financial statements designed and compiled to be relevant, understandable, objective, timely and complete.


          The CAS department can either supplement or supplant an in-house bookkeeper.  Professional accounting assistance is always available on an as-needed basis.  Additional accounting services include timely preparation of payroll tax returns, property tax returns, business licenses, and W-2s.


          As a logical extension of our accounting services, we provide clients with assistance in budgeting as well as in financial planning and decision making.  We are always available to meet with revenue agents or other authorities and we also often interview, screen, and recommend accountants and bookkeepers for employment.


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