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                  Overseas Service
                  • Study Tour

                    • INTRODUCTION

                      The “Study Tour” is the most traditional study model among all civilizations around the world. According to the concept of modern education, the “Study Tour” is an international cross-cultural Experiential Learning Model that emerged and matured with the development of world peace and globalization in the 20th century. 

                      As the Chinese saying goes, “one should travel thousands of miles and read thousands of books”, the students will take the language courses, visit the major cities, including the famous universities and scenic spots, and stay in the school apartments or host families during the Study Tour abroad (1-4 weeks in general), with the purpose of the combination of STUDY and TOUR.


                      The spirit of “Study Tour” can be traced back to Confucius, who traveled far and wide to spread his philosophy. It inspires people nowadays to go outside for knowledge.

                      The “Study Tour” refers to that people leave their familiar surroundings and take a study tour in another new environment. It is neither a simple tour nor a single study, but an imperceptible experience of life and learning from experience. The essence of “Study Tour” is cultural integration - an excellent way to help students broaden their horizons, foster an international outlook and a tough world view. 


                      The “Study Tour” is regarded as a feeling to explore the life rather than an enjoyment, for example, to get involved in the internationalization, to take part in the international activities, to understand the exotic culture, to get close to nature and to enjoy the harmony between nature and the human beings. As expected, the “Study Tour”, which will last for half a month to half a year in foreign countries, would help the students to properly deal with problems in the life journey, acquire more experience and insight, and then develop the critical thinking from a global perspective, which contribute to their further study overseas in the future.


                      1.Linguistic Study Tour has the theme of foreign language, such as to learn English, Japanese, Korean, Thai and so on during the tour. Among them, English is the most popular.

                      2.Characteristic Study Tour aims to learn some local skills in a certain country, for instance, to learn how to cook the Thai cuisine in Thailand or how to make wine in New Zealand, or to study Yoga in India, etc.

                      3.Personalized Study Tour is organized for student case by case, for example, everyone has his inpidual requirements for destination or time, and various expectations for a trip, which has been popular recently.


                      1.Improving students’ foreign language in the 100% native cultural environment;

                      2.Understanding the local lifestyle by staying with host families;

                      3.Being exposed to different learning patterns by interacting with the foreign students in class;

                      4.Building good friendship with foreign young people;

                      5.Improving both independence and teamwork;

                      6.Setting up an ambitious goal by visiting the renowned universities;

                      7.Appreciating the attractive scenery by sightseeing all over the world;

                      8.Keeping good visa records for the further study abroad in the future. 

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